In case you did not know, Askov is currently a Danish settlement. But we welcome all! The store has been here longer then the settlement and originally was a company railroad store built by the Germans. When the Danes arrived in 1906, the store was added on and went from Partridge to the Askov Mercantile. The store has had many lives. LENA’Swas established in 1996. The Pine county historical society owned it before that since the sixties. They housed many of the things you can see in their current museums in town. They also housed the historical documentation here for the county.

The Danes can also boast as being the longest reigning “RUTABAGA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”. On display in the store are Rutabaga shipping sacks for the two oldest Rutabaga kings; Olsen and Hendricksen. We have replicated them in organic Cotton shirts and dishtowels. To top that off we are the home of the Rutabaga Malt and Rutabaga Jam. So Tasty!

We try to maintain the Historical feel of our historical building. The outside is a mix of old and Scandinavian. We did put in a handicapped ramp to the north to access the store from the seating patio. The patio allows you to eat or drink outside while enjoying the gardens.

The store was named after the owner and we hear lots of Ole and Lena jokes! We have some of our own. Lena has traveled many times to Scandinavia to help with the development of product in the store. You may also run into us at some Minnesota Festivals. We are the happy to see you guys. We would love to see you in person, but if you can’t be here, call us to order.

We are open 7 days a week from May 1 to late fall. Please call to get any adapted hours. It will be announced on our message if we are not available to answer.

Askov is located on East Hwy 23 on the Veteran’s Evergreen Memorial Scenic Byway. We are only 4 miles off I 35 at the 195 exit. As this is a scenic route to Duluth we can be reached from Duluth going south on hwy 23.

Banning state park is on the way to the store from the freeway. The most diversified part of the Kettle River is found at this spot. Come see us and enjoy going back to old fashioned service and time.