LENA’S Garden Center is open May 1 to freeze. Annuals are usually sold out by July 1. Perennials are sold until fall freeze. LENA’S outdoor seating over looks Bedstemor’s (Grandmothers) Gardens which showcase our perennials throughout the season.

LENA specializes in organic fruit stock. This includes lingonberries from Lapland stock, Himmamachi gooseberries, blueberries, seaberries, apples, cherries, aronia and more.

Perennials vary in size from small at $3.99 to 2 gallons at $9.99. We keep our prices down due to our pot recycling program. We invite customers to recycle garden pots to subdue prices and be green! Lena mixes her own soils to keep them organic. Because of that you will find a weed or two to pull.

Annuals are sold in four packs to 4” pots. Hanging plants are hung everywhere which are for sale! We try to keep 100 different varieties in stock. We have all the plants to make salsa. We stock peppers, cold crops of cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli and flowering kale. We carry older varieties of tomatoes, herbs, pumpkin and squash.

We have over 10 years of growing for you. Our Horticulturist can be consulted for questions as well as the rest of us. Come grow with us!